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Minority Trip Report Podcast

Published: Nov 17, 2022 | Host: Raad Seraj | Show: Season 1 - Episode 8
Minority Trip Report

1_8 Manesh Girn: Curiosity as Freedom from Circumstance, the Default Mode Network, and Nature of the Networked Mind

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Manesh is a PhD researcher in Neuroscience at McGill University and has been the lead or co-author on over a dozen scientific publications and book chapters on topics including psychedelics. He actively collaborates with leaders in psychedelic science such as Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, and is also the Chief Research Officer at the psychedelic bioscience company EntheoTech Bioscience. In his free time Manesh runs a YouTube channel called The Psychedelic Scientist where he discusses the latest findings in psychedelic science in an easy to understand but nuanced form.

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You can follow Manesh's work at The Psychedelic Scientist and at

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