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Minority Trip Report Podcast

Published: Feb 1, 2023 | Host: Raad Seraj | Show: Season 1 - Episode 10
Minority Trip Report

1_10 Adam Aronovich: Nature of Madness, Psychedelic Narcissism, and Finding Humor in Chaos

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Adam is a doctoral candidate in Medical Anthropology and Cultural Psychiatry. He is an active member of the Medical Anthropology Research Center (MARC) and has spent close to 5 years living and working in the Peruvian Amazon, facilitating workshops and retreats while conducting extensive fieldwork and qualitative research. He is currently the Director of Therapy and Integration for Rē Precision Health while maintaining a private practice with individual clients and online groups, offering a unique approach to mental and emotional health that blends insights from Psychology, Art, and Integrative Psychotherapy all rooted in a grounded relational framework. 

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You can learn more about Adam's work on his satire page: 

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