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Minority Trip Report Podcast

Minority Trip Report (MTR) is a podcast for under represented views and life journeys with mental health, psychedelics, and consciousness.

Hosted by Raad Seraj

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This thoughtful and engaging podcast is a wonderful breath of fresh air. Going beyond the many generic and stale podcasts out there, Raad guides his guest and the listeners on a journey that artfully interweaves candid autobiographical narratives with quality information. Expect to be touched, informed, and inspired.

Manesh Girn, Chief Research Officer, EntheoTech and MTR Guest

Season 1 Episodes

1_15 Jonathan Lu: Fatherhood, Acceptance of Self, and Daoist Ideals and Psychedelics in Ancient Chinese Culture

Jonathan Lu is the co-founder of VCENNA, a drug discovery company that creates mental wellness solutions from psychoactive plants used ceremonially in Ancestral Eastern traditions.  Jonathan is an engineer that has been studying 2000 year old Chinese texts in search of compounds, formulations, and rituals that have been lost to history. His team applies modern neurophysiological and computational tools to understand scientifically what our ancestors discovered millennia ago, and from which they developed the nootropic formulations for Magi Ancestral Supplements.

1_12 Sisi Li: Epigenetics of Trauma, Psychedelic Patent Wars, and Healing the Scars of Covid as Chinese Americans

Sisi Li is the Senior Data Architect Lead at Porta Sophia, a non-profit online library for innovators and patent examiners to find relevant prior art in the field of psychedelics. She has a B.Sc in molecular and cellular biology and psychology from the University of Illinois, and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Wisconsin. Her doctoral research focused on the epigenetic and molecular mechanisms underlying depression and anxiety disorders. Sisi was previously a  Research Scientist at Gregor Diagnostics, a prostate cancer diagnostics startup. She co-founded the BioForward Woman in Biohealth (WiB) mentoring program and is on the WiB steering committee. Sisi is passionate about creating more connections among women in the biohealth community.

1_9 Ruby Singh: DMT, Sikhism, and Art as a Canvas for Connection and Solidarity

Ruby Singh is a multi award winning composer and producer residing on the unceded territories of  the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm, Sḵwx̱wú7mesh, and səl̓ílwətaʔɬ/Selilwitulh Nations (Vancouver BC.). His creativity crosses the boundaries of music, poetry, photography and film engaging with mythos, memory, justice and fantasy. In 2022 he received the Lieutenant Governor’s Jubilee Award for excellence in art and music. Singh believes in art’s ability to reimagine futures, to repurpose aesthetic freedoms toward civil and environmental justice.

1_6 Skander Ben Hamda: Tunisian Revolution, Technology as a Superpower, and Stewarding Nature with Blockchain

Skander is an entrepreneur and digital nomad. He founded several ventures and projects including “Decentralize Impact”; the first Blockchain & Web3 Accelerator in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in partnership with IFC.

1_3 Javid Jah: Grafitti, Hip-Hop, and Islamic Mysticism

Today's guest is Javid Jah. With a background in public art and an education in architecture, Javid Jah’s practice explores the traditional origins of sacred geometry.

1_14 Kowsheek Mahmood: Balancing Presence with Ambition, Finding Belonging, and Technology as Enabler of Human Flourishing

Kowsheek Mahmood is a software engineer by trade, currently working at Adobe’s Substance 3D & Immersive Labs. Kowsheek joined Adobe through its acquisition of BRIO, where he was the Head of Technology for the web-based 3D presentation platform. Prior to this, Kowsheek served as CTO for several companies in the FinTech, transportation, and marketing automation spaces. In the ongoing pursuit of drive & fulfillment, personally & for his teams, Kowsheek explores various cultural, healing, meditative & ancient practices.

1_11 Sanjay Singhal: Fatherhood, Philanthropy, and the Lifelong Rollercoaster of Failure and Success

Sanjay Singhal is an Author and philanthropist best known for founding and selling He is the author of the auto-biographical “Zero to Tesla”, and an active philanthropist with Nikean Foundation, founded in 2019 with the hopes of promoting psychedelic science and bringing to the forefront novel medicines for mental health disorders. Starting with psilocybin for eating disorders at Imperial University in London, the foundation is also funding treatment of PTSD, opiate addiction, depression, and end-of-life anxiety with a variety of molecules including psilocybin, MDMA, and 5-MEO-DMT. The foundation is now adding to its focus the education of the public on the benefits and proper use of psychedelics therapeutically with the launch of its psychedelic storytelling project, at

1_8 Manesh Girn: Curiosity as Freedom from Circumstance, the Default Mode Network, and Nature of the Networked Mind

Today's guest is Manesh, a PhD researcher in Neuroscience at McGill University and lead or co-author on over a dozen scientific publications and book chapters on topics including psychedelics. He is also the Chief Research Officer at the psychedelic bioscience company EntheoTech Bioscience. In his free time Manesh runs a YouTube channel called The Psychedelic Scientist where he discusses the latest findings in psychedelic science in an easy to understand but nuanced form.

1_5 Aminah Vasco: Ayahuasca, Mixed Race Upbringing, and Building Community

Today my guest is Aminah Vasco. Aminah is a plant medicine advocate, clinical herbalist, and founder of Amita Earth. 

1_2 Raad Ahmed: Art, Rebellion, and Resolve in Building a Tech Startup

Raad Ahmed is the Founder and CEO of Lawtrades as well as an angel investor, writer, and musician. In 2011, Raad started myfbcoverphoto, one of the first apps in the Facebook app store that grew to over 30 million hits per month, while attending law school.

Mary Lin is the cofounder of Odin, a startup that builds powerful tools allowing people to invest together in anything. Long term, Odin’s vision is to drive systemic change, by creating better ways for people to connect, collaborate and create value.

1_10 Adam Aronovich: Nature of Madness, Psychedelic Narcissism, and Finding Humor in Chaos

Adam is a doctoral candidate in Medical Anthropology and Cultural Psychiatry. He is an active member of the Medical Anthropology Research Center (MARC) and has spent close to 5 years living and working in the Peruvian Amazon, facilitating workshops and retreats while conducting extensive fieldwork and qualitative research. He is currently the Director of Therapy and Integration for Rē Precision Health while maintaining a private practice with individual clients and online groups, offering a unique approach to mental and emotional health that blends insights from Psychology, Art, and Integrative Psychotherapy all rooted in a grounded relational framework.

1_7 Sherry Rais: Social Impact, Psychedelic Therapy as Employee Benefit, and Finding Strength as a Female CEO

Sherry Rais is the CEO of Enthea, a benefit plan administrator that provides health plan benefit for psychedelic healthcare. Sherry believes in living and working in alignment with purpose and is currently focused on alleviating human suffering. Before this, Sherry consulted for over 10 years with the UN and World Bank.

1_4 Chubbicorn80: Intergenerational Trauma, Pivoting the Self, and The New Internet

Today my guest is a wonderful human who goes by the persona, Chubbicorn80 on Twitter. Chubbicorn80 works at the intersection of mental health and Web3. 

1_1 Kim Haxton: Indigeneity, Power of Listening, and Holding the Paradox

Today's guest is Kim Haxton (Potowatomi) from the Wasauksing First Nation in Ontario. She takes her place among thought leaders in the area of decolonization, particularly as it applies to language, art, economics and gender. 

Sharing stories with Raad on his podcast was an enlightening experience for me. There was a sense of familiarity, humility and genuine interest in my work that made me feel honored to have this conversation with Raad. His approach is refreshing as he brings a great deal of experience in community engagement, pluralism and creative enterprise, facilitating a conversation that is rich in diverse ideas and intersections. Raad highlights the traditional and cultural influences that affect creatives from immigrant families, helping us express a narrative that is nuanced and sensitive to our hybrid identities.

- Javid Jah, Interdisciplinary Artist and MTR Guest

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