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Minority Trip Report™ is a podcast spotlighting stories of personal transformation and under-represented leaders in mental health, psychedelics, and consciousness.
Minority Trip Report Episodes
What our listeners say...

"I'm so grateful and relieved that we have a voice as intelligent, grounded, reasonable, sensible, sophisticated (how long am I allowed to go on?) as Raad's in the movement.  He is exactly the kind of person we all need to help us build an inclusive, loving community, and anyone not paying attention to this bold leader should wise up!" 

- Joseph Levin, Executive Director, Toronto Psychedelic Community

"This has opened my eyes wide to different facets of psychedelics, how it connects us and how minorities are shaping this burgeoning industry. Listen to Raad and thank him later for access to great conversation, worldly material and many different viewpoints."

- Anita Chauhan, Director of Marketing, Fraction 

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