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Minority Trip Report Podcast

Published: July 5, 2023 | Host: Raad Seraj | Show: Season 2 - Episode 4

2_4 Simran Sethi: Reviving Tradition, Reclaiming Culture, and Diversifying Psychedelics

Simran Sethi is a respected multimedia journalist, academic, and founder of the Asian Psychedelic Collective. We delve into the experiences of minorities, the lack of diversity within the psychedelic ecosystem, and the crucial aspect of addressing ancestral trauma. Simran shares her insights on the distortion of truth in journalism and the need for multiple perspectives, drawing attention to the impact of homogenization in the food industry and its correlation with the loss of language and culture. We also explore the transformative role of psychedelics in healing and reclaiming cultural practices, shedding light on the genesis and purpose of the Asian Psychedelic Collective as a vital space of belonging and support for Asians working with and in psychedelics.

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